• Fine Chemicals

    Main products : dyestuffs & pigments, auxiliaries, intermediates, special chemicals.

  • Dyestuffs & Pigments

    dyestuffs & pigments

    Main products : dyestuffs, organic and inorganic pigments. With self-owned brands Youhao, DYCOS, TP, SUNFLOWER, and EVERBRIGHT, Sinochem Plastics has products being sold all over the world by exportation.


  • Auxiliaries


    Main products : lubricant, anti-oxidant, flame retardant, compatibilizer, flatting agent, impact modifier, etc. Sinochem Plastics endeavors to provide comprehensive solution and one-stop service for both domestic and foreign customers based on their demands.



  • Intermediate


    Main products : intermediates for application in coating, dyestuffs, pesticides, and pharmaceutical industry such as titanium tetrachloride, cysteamine hydrochloride, DESMP, para-nitrochloro-benzene, Beta-Naphthol, etc.


  • Special Chemicals

    special chemicals

    Focusing on application of new materials in Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan, Sinochem Plastics keeps developing special chemicals of high technology and added value, as well as customized product service as per diversified demands.